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Speech-language pathologists are amazing, but we don't have x-ray vision.  Every patient with suspected dysphagia deserves timely and quality imaging in order to aid in treatment decisions and ensure the most positive outcome possible.  FEES imaging is well tolerated and evidence-based. Since we are not controlled by radiation exposure time limits, we can spend all the time required to ensure we have the information needed to make the best possible recommendations.   



Speech-language pathologists often exist in our own little "islands".  As such, we frequently do not have another speech-language pathologist readily available to bounce treatment ideas off of or go to for support.  East Texas Swallowing Diagnostics wants to bridge those "dysphagia islands" and be a readily available resource to help facility speech-language pathologists overcome the many barriers to positive treatment outcomes.  Whether it is providing evidence-based treatment ideas, handling a complicated dietary level decision, or dealing with a new facility and caseload, we are here to help!



 There are many factors that go into a comprehensive dysphagia consultation.  Our speech-language pathologists take the time necessary to review lab results and medical history, discuss patient and family wishes, and consult with the treating speech-language pathologist and nursing staff to come up with a treatment approach that is evidence-based and takes into account the patient's quality of life.  We are firm believers that there is no such thing as a "cookie cutter" approach to dysphagia treatment and we strive to tailor treatment and dietary decisions that view the patient as a whole.


We proudly provide a variety of staff training & inservice options to help train facility staff and patient caregivers on the best practices for individuals with dysphagia.  We also understand that inservices are rarely considered to be "fun", which is why we go out of our way to create learning events that engage staff and provide motivation to utilize the skills covered during the inservice.  Pizza, games, and door prizes increase engagement and in turn help improve patient's therapeutic outcomes and decrease rehospitalizations.